Miquela Davis

Education Coordinator

Miquela is a native Southern Californian artist, and while she studied film photography and enjoys keeping busy using all kinds of mediums, her main focuses currently are illustration, comics, and zines. Her illustration work has been used for MTV’s social media accounts, Funny or Die videos, and Ed Begley Jr.’s environmental campaign with the Center for Biological Diversity. She has a deep love for dogs, which comes across through her work but especially with her recurring comic character, Cool Dog. Other themes found in her work are cartoonist takes on pop culture, and colorful human and animal characters. Miquela grew up writing and illustrating stories, which turned into creating zines after her uncle, CFAER team member Luke Davis, introduced her to zines when she was 15 and she has been making them ever since. She has participated in zine festivals and curates local art shows in Orange County. As an art educator her biggest goal is to create environments that allow everyone’s inherent creativity to be nurtured and cultivated. Her belief in art education and curation is that we are all born artists, we just need to be allowed the freedom to express it.

To contact, please e-mail Miquela at